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 Amenities that are included in each hunt:

*Guaranteed minimum 8 hour in length hunts (may exceed 8 hours if conditions require)

*lodging provided in our comfortable and hunting themed lodges

*$50 processing fee per hog-dressed,packed, and iced down in your ice chest

*during-trip transportation to and from hunting sites and lodges

*all necessary hunting equipment, rifles, scopes, Gen3 night vision, ammo, Polaris electric rangers etc. provided

*.223 and .300 blackout rifles to be provided

*during hunt, ice cold bottled water or Coke provided (no alcohol allowed during hunting by state regulation)

Hunters must arrive to the hunt having pre-purchased their Georgia DNR Hunting License- Click here to purchase from Georgia DNR.

Attention!: A non-refundable deposit of 50% of total price is required in order to reserve a date for a hunt since we must prepare in advance for your arrival, reserve the optimum hunting sites, and ready our staff and guides.  The full hunt price may be paid in advance if you desire.


 One person single night hunt: 

1 hunter $375.00 for 1 night


One person 2 night hunt:

1 hunter  X  $325.00  X  2 nights = 650.00

 Tips and gratuities for our guides are much appreciated.